Several couples of teachers coming from Nantes, Rennes, Hamburg and Barcelona will teach you the swing dances.


  • Workshops: May 2014
  • Teachers: 3 couples from the North & South of Europe!
  • Place: community centre “Maison de Quartier du Dix” by the area/district of Chantenay / Nantes
  • > DancesLindy hop (4 hour-workshop), Jazz Roots (3 hour- workshop) & Blues (3 hour-workshop)

Aitor & Nuria (Barcelona) 

Are teaching Lindy Hop and Blues dances

Aitor Leniz started to dance the Lindy Hop ten years ago. He shares his own vision of swing dancing, his passion for dancing and his technique and interpretation of music with others. He founded the school for dance,, in Barcelona, where a large part of the best Catalan dancers are trained.  Experienced Lindy Hop dancer, Núria Bonet, distinguishes herself through her spectacular style and the extraordinary radiance she exudes. She recently won two prestigious titles at Lindy Hop competitions in Barcelona and Valencia.

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Hélène & Benoît (Nantes)

Are teaching Lindy Hop

Hélène and Benoît have a passion for the 1930s and 1940s and specialise in teaching Swing dances such as Rock’n Roll, the Lindy Hop, the Balboa, the Charleston and Swing routines.  They work with local community organisations and dance schools.  They are also choreographers and organise events such as Miss Swing and Friends. These Swing globe-trotters were finalists in the open competition, Jack’n Jill Lindy Hop, at the European Swing Dance Championships 2013!

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 Marei & Ole (Hambourg)

Are teaching Lindy Hop and Jazz Roots

Marei and Ole come from Hamburg and have been teaching the Lindy Hop, the Charleston and Authentic Jazz (routines) up to advanced level for a number of years. Creative and precise, they are inspired by their experiences from the numerous international workshops they attend.  In 2007, they notably interpreted a choregraphical performance by the famous Swedish dancers HannaZetterman and Mattias Lundmark for the musical “Sing, Swing, Fling”. In 2011, Marei and Ole had the privilege of working under the guidance of the illustrious director of the Hamburg Ballet, JohnNeumeier. They won the first place of the Jack’n Jill in Copenhaguen in 2013!

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Maison de quartier Le Dix

10, place des Garennes / 44100 Nantes (Chantenay)

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Crédits photo/Photo courtesy of: Susi Sweet Dress & Marc Ensenyat (Aitor&Nuria), David Grenier (Hélène&Benoît), Elisa May (Ole&Marei)