Whether you have never danced or you are a dance addict, feel free to join our workshops: 2 days (Saturday and Sunday), 3 levels and 7 European teachers!

Swing dances

  • Lindy Hop | couple dance, possible to register alone
  • Blues | couple and solo dance, possible to register alone
  • Charleston, Jazz Roots, Modern Swing, Neo Swing (electro swing music), Funk’n’Jazz, Body Movement | solo dances

Solo registration to couple dances is accepted, according to the attendance rate and the parity between leaders and followers.


To watch the videos, go to the original page in French

KSENIA PARKHATSKAYA from St Petersburg, Russia
Solo dance classes: Charleston, Blues, Jazz Roots, Electro Swing, Body Movement, Funk’n’Jazz

JANA & LEONARDO from Barcelona, Spain
Couple dance classes: Lindy Hop, Blues

NICOLAS & VIRGINIE from Rennes, France
Couple dance classes: Lindy Hop, Blues

ANGIE & MAKA from Toulouse, France
Introduction classes before all gigs (solo dance: Jazz Roots).
Couple dance classes (Lindy Hop) and Musicality lessons




  • Introduction: You don’t know Lindy Hop nor Blues nor solo swing dances. You want to try theses dances in couple and/or solo.
  • Beginner: You have been practicing swing dances for 6 to 12-18 months. You can recognise the rhythm of Lindy, Charleston and Groove Walk. You are starting to master 8-steps basics and have some notions of 6-steps parts.
  • Advanced: (audition on Friday night) You are a big fan of swing dances! You dance whenever you can and you have already been to a few festivals/workshops. You can mix rhythm, techniques and style at different speeds, but you still have things to learn!



WARNING! The solo workshops aren’t based on different levels but on different dances:

  • Solo A (all levels): Blues (2 hours) + Solo Swing (2 hours)
  • Solo B (all levels): Charleston (2 hours) +Modern Swing (2 hours – including musicality and improvement of your dance skills concerning bebop, traditional jazz and funk)

Musicality (all levels): two workshops on music details (rhythm and melody), to improve your dance moves! These workshops are open to musicians (€20 for both workshops).

Combinations: please note that not all combinations are possible regarding the schedule. You may check the following list.

Mowgli pass (2 dances):                                  Baloo pass (3 dances):
  • Lindy 1 + Solo A                                           ��   •   Lindy 2 + Blues 2 + Solo B
  • Lindy 2 or 3 + Solo B                                     •   Lindy 3 + Blues 2 + Solo B
  • Lindy 2 or 3 + Blues 1 or 2
  • Blues 1 + Solo A
  • Blues 2 + Solo B
  • Solo A and B (in this case, please tick only Solo A when you register, and precise in the comment section at the end of the form that you wish to take Solo A and 2)

Discover where the dance workshops will take place:

Room 1 - Access to the Community CenterRoom 1 - Community CenterRoom 3 - Access to les Nefs des Machines de l'Ile Room 3 - Les Nefs des Machines de l'Ile


Online payment here (in case you’ve lost the link given in the form!). The website is unfortunately only written in French, you can find the translation on this page.