Eur en Scène is a European organization which promotes culture through performing arts (music, dance, drama).  Since 2013 we organise festive and vintage events around swing music and dancing. We are located at the Solilab, managed by Les Ecossolies, another organization, on the « île de Nantes » in Nantes, France.

We are interested in the universal language of Swing and since Europe is in a political crisis, encouraging friendly inter-cultural meetings seems important to us. Nantes has been inspired by other cities where Swing has been tearing things up! This project is also the result of the excellent relationship with our main partner, the German-French Cultural Center (Centre Culturel Franco-Allemand). We wanted to promote this art to an audience as wide as possible. Without the support of Nantes’ City Council, local and international organizations, this European swing party would not have been possible. Nant-in-Swing is a lively event, full of energy to be shared. Thanks to everyone who has ever supported us!