Help in English to pay online

Access to the online worshop payment

Welcome to our ticket device on HelloAsso, which is unfortunately in French only! You will find here translations of the paying process. You can pay for several people at once if you want.

1st step : tickets


Choose the ticket corresponding to the pass you want and the quantity. Choose the T-shirt if you want one (or several). The total amount appears at the bottom.

Click on “suivant” (next).

2nd step : participants (names)


Here you have to enter the “prénom” (first name) and “nom” (last name) of the participants you are paying for. If you take a tee shirt, write the cut (men/women) in “prénom” and the size (S,M,L) in “nom”.

Click on “suivant” (next) or « retour » (back) to modify your ticket.

3rd step : your details


You can enter here your personal details: first name, last name and email address (twice).

“Je souhaite recevoir une facture” : tick this box if you want an official invoice. If you do, you have to fill in other fields : “société” (company name), address, postal /Zip code, city, country.

“Commentaires” : write here if you want to leave any comment or ask a question etc.

“J’accepte les conditions générales de l’événement*” : I accept the terms and conditions of the event. You need to tick this box to continue. If you would like an English version of the terms and conditions, please tell us in the comment section above.

Click on “suivant” (next) or « retour » (back) to modify your ticket.

4th step : summary


Check the amount you have to pay. You can notice the line “Pourboire suggéré pour soutenir HelloAsso” (suggested tip to support HelloAsso). The website is free to use for associations like us, which is why they ask the participants if they wish to give some money to help them continue their activities. I you want to delete or modify the tip amount, click on “modifier”. You can then put the amount you like, or tick “Je ne souhaite pas laisser de pourboire” if you do not wish to leave any tip.

Click on “enregistrer” (save), then on suivant” (next) or « retour » (back) to modify your ticket.

Last step : payment

You are now on the payment page. You may choose your card and enter your card details. You can finally switch the website to English and other languages by clicking on the flags at the bottom!

Thanks a lot for your registration, we are looking forward to meeting you at the festival :-)